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Want To Know How To Make Jam?

Making Jam

This page will take you through step by step on preparing jam. There are loads of different jams to make, such as strawberry jam, raspberry jam or blackcurrant jam. The choice is endless. Choose the fruit you and your family enjoy most and get started.

You don’t need very much to make jam, however you will need a large pan and some glass jars with screw tops.

You don’t need to go buying jars as you can use jars which are empty from your kitchen cupboard, such as the empty coffee jar, pickle jar, sauce jar.

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Just make sure the jars have been given a good clean and are glass not plastic.

Prepare – After giving your jars a good clean, dry them and place them in a slightly warm oven. The jars need to be hot before the jam goes into them otherwise the hot jam will crack the glass.

Testing for the setting point Finding the right setting point is one of the secret success stories in how to make jam.

Here’s How – Don’t be tempted to over-boil the jam as this will prevent it from setting:  it’s a balancing act here. Put a little of the jam onto a cool saucer. Leave for a few seconds.Push the jam with your finger and if it wrinkles then its ready;  if not, allow to boil a little more and do the test again.

If you are using a thermometer to test for the setting point then the heat should reach 104C or 220F for a light setting and for a firmer setting 105C or 222F.Skim your Jam – how to make jam perfect.

A layer of scum will appear on the top of your jam. Leave it until the jam is finished cooking then skim it off using a wooden spoon. If there is a tiny bit left you cant get then try adding a half teaspoon knob of butter this should help dissolve it.

Jam Sugar – Jam sugar has pectin in it which helps set your jam.  This will give you a much firmer finish and I encourage you to use it if you have never made jam before for perfect results.

Storage – Fill your glass jars to the top and place a jam cover with the wax side down on top before putting on the lid.

It’s a good idea to label and date your jams because if you have a few different jams sitting on your shelf you may forget what you have and when you made it.

If you want to give away your jam as gifts then you are spoilt for choice with the pretty lids and labels available in our shops and online.